Hauzan Muttaqin

Hauzan Muttaqin

Sunday, 8 March 2015

I know you can!


"... because I know you are a very good girl. You will never break my trust on you. Will never crush my heart into pieces."

Believe me! I know you can do this!

I am so sorry of everything that I have done. All the pain and frustration that I had put you into. But I am so sure that I will change to be a better man for you. Because you are what I want.

I know you have been through a lot of difficult moments. Trying to console your heart and trying to develop that feeling again. You have all the time that you need. Don't worry.

I know you better than anyone else. Inside out. And I am very confident to say that you can do this! You are tough enough to embrace this situation. And I will always be beside you to offer my hand, pick you up and walk together with you again. No matter how many times I have to do that, I will do!

#aha #itsmylife

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