Hauzan Muttaqin

Hauzan Muttaqin

Monday, 5 October 2015

HES Placement


I am excited to share with you my first day experience that I can't wait till the end of the week. My day started with me reporting myself at 8 am local time at Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah. Got my ID card done for me to get access to the whole hospital(which is great!). Then I was asked to go to the medical ward and meet Medical Officer in charge since they are having ward round in the morning. The ward round goes like usual. Very lengthy and tiring since I have to stand for the whole time. I came across this lady with severe COPD and also Chronic Kidney Disease. The doctor was explaining to me on how the lady got admitted and her situation at the moment. So all her medical history got stuck in my head since she was the first patient I got to see. Then my day continue like usual. A break was a relief that I got at 1pm. I grabbed a quick lunch and return at 2pm.

The ward round continues after 2pm and the doctor/specialist tried their very best to discharge any stable patients since the hospital is running out of bed and currently there are 24 new cases waiting to be admitted into the ward.
(which surprises me since its the biggest hospital in town and yet they still run out of bed for patient. But that is not the climax yet. continue reading...)

At around 4pm, the Medical Officer called me to bed 33 since he wanted to show me how pleural tap is done(they put a needle at the patient's back to drain the fluid in the patient's lungs). I was really excited for a chance to observe that procedure. Few minutes later, I heard someone is yelling at the other side of the ward. And I saw few doctors and nurses rushed to the other side of the ward. Then, a random man appeared in the cubicle I was at and screamed,"Housemen! There's a patient collapse at bed 19. Move your a** out from here!"(that is the exact thing that he said). My feet were stuck as the chaos continued. Then he asked me with his loud voice,"why are you here?!". I said to him I am a medical student doing elective placement. He then reply,"Go now to bed 19!"

I quickly ran to bed 19 without knowing what I am expected to do. I saw the housemen all wearing gloves and mask. I grabbed one for me and put those on. The first patient that I saw early in the morning was the one at bed 19. There are almost 20 people in the cubicle including me. It was a very chaotic situation. There were staff nurses, housemen, doctors and some other nurses doing practical there. I just stood there and watched as they did CPR for the patient. The patient had zero respond while the doctor kept asking the nurses to give more adrenaline to save the patient's life. I can hear the family members on the other side of the curtain crying and calling their relatives to come quickly. It was a very intense situation that makes this a worthy thing to tell you.
Honestly , I feel like watching Grey's Anatomy in live action. It feels so surreal!. Luckily, the patient survived and breathing but not responsive. So they had to put her on ventilator.

I will update you later on my progress.

p/s: weekly email to my supervisor

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